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The Illumination Initiative

Companion Star is a Laboratory for the Creative Process with three arms: creation, production and in-depth experimentation and training. This third category is the organization's Illumination Initiative, a recurring two-tiered program offered by Companion Star-affiliated coaches to artists of many disciplines and career stages.

The goal of the Illumination Initiative is to provide a safe, yet provocative environment in which participants can learn to collaborate across fields, to generate new work through improvisation and to take part in every stage of the creative process. This cross-generational and inter-disciplinary pollination benefits the emerging artist through professional mentorship, while the mature artist is refreshed by the vigor of those just embarking on their careers; the result is whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Companion Star's Illumination Initiative is a natural outgrowth of its breakthrough method, and a significant part of its goal to be a companion to the creative process and to artists within its community and the world. Toward that end, discounted tickets are available to all students and seniors within all the communities where we perform.

Emerging Artist Program

Professional Artist Program

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